Sunday, 1 January 2012

Waxing Poetic

Happy New Year everyone! I had an amazing New Years with friends although I'm definitely not feeling my best today! I have gone for a standard resolution of go to the gym more/diet and can't see it lasting! I also really want to give blood this year, I'm already going to donate all my organs but I'd love to get over my needle phobia and donate blood.
As I'd mentioned in my last post with the Wish Tonic Bottle Charm I'm a massive fan of Waxing Poetic Jewellery. It's an american company who do vintage inspired brass and silver pieces. I particularly love the charms they do, their initial pieces and animal themed pieces. We stock some of their pieces at my work and I'm constantly admiring them! Here are a selection of my favourite pieces.

Voyage Insignia Bracelet

Swallow Silhouette Portait Charm

Fox Fable Charm

Twisted Link Chain

Pearl Brass Chain

Large Brass Ball Bracelet

Fox Stack Ring

Dove Stack Ring

Dove Camp Bracelet
As you've probably noticed I'm a bit obsessed with animals, in particular foxes, birds and rabbits. Each piece feels like it has a story behind it and it looks so good layered up. I'm really considering ordering the fox ring as it's so sweet!

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