Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Tatty Devine Goodies

Hello everyone! Today I'm posting about some fantastic bits I got in the Tatty Devine Sale. I've been a massive Tatty Devine fan for years and have built up quite a collection including the amazing Gold Dinosaur Necklace! When I saw they had a sale on and a couple of bits I'd had my eye on had gone in I couldn't resist!

Each piece is beautifully packaged, it just adds to the excitement of opening it!

Bow Tie Ring Glitter Gold
How cute is this ring?! It's really comfortable to wear and has been reduced from £10.50 to £5.25, you really can't go wrong!

Ivy Leaves Bracelet Gold Glitter
This was reduced from £48 to £24, I'd been after this bracelet for a while and was so pleased that it went into sale! It matches the ring and I also have some matching Gold Glitter Heart Charm Earrings which I got for Christmas.

The finished look! I am so in love with my new jewellery!
I am hoping my collection grows to include these bits!

Gold Pegasus Large Necklace £45, Gold Pegasus Mini Necklace £24, and Gold Pegasus Earrings £30.

Black Moustache Necklace £24

Tiger Necklace £88

Red Swallow Earrings £24 and Swallow Brooches Pair £66
Well a girl can dream!

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Rosie Fox

Hello everyone!
I recently discovered the fantastic jewellery designer Rosie Fox who produces some beautiful, vintage inspired pieces. As stated on the website her pieces are most certainly affordable luxury, and impulse buys. I have recently invested in 2 pieces which I adore, the Stallion Crystal Cuff and Bronze Lizard Stretch Ring.
Here are a selection of my favourite pieces. As you've probably noticed by now I have a bit of an obsession with animal jewellery!

Stallion Crystal Cuff
I love wearing cuffs at the moment and this one is really glamorous. I've received so many compliments wearing this :)

Bronze Lizard Stretch Ring
This is the ring which introduced me to brand! The ring is even more stunning in the flesh, it just sparkles! It's my new favourite ring!

Bronze Leopard Cuff
I've had my eye on this cuff! I'm thinking of using some of the money I've saved on this as it is stunning!

Foxy Lady Ring
Another sparkly ring - anything with foxes on I will love!

Vintage Gold Jet Ring
Another statement ring, I've been searching for vintage style cocktail ring like this. This ring reminds me of one of those pieces of jewellery you put on which instantly make you feel more confident - does anyone know what I mean??

Edwardian Crystal Heart Hair Slides
Picture these with curled 50s style hair and a beaded evening gown!

There's plenty more on the website and I cannot recommend this brand enough! I'm a sucker for sparkly things so all this jewellery seems to have been designed for me!

On another note how good is the new series of Take Me Out?!

Thursday, 5 January 2012

T Rex

Whilst babysitting today we did some drawings, this is the first time since art GCSE I've drawn and I'm very proud of my picture!

I may try and draw a picture of a different dinosaur each week!

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Wednesdays Wish List

Hello! Here are my favourite things this week

Kimchi & Blue Birdcage Playsuit
I can imagine this adorable playsuit would look good with mustard cardigan, and I am obsessed with anything with a lace trim!

Urban Outfitters Iridescent Stone Ring
Such a pretty ring!

Topshop Chain Print Tights
I have no idea what I'd wear these with but I love them!

Wildfox Stag Earrings
I've recently taken my tunnels out and it's amazing to be able to wear earrings!

Nadinoo A Bird A Day Shirt
Absolutely desperate for this shirt! One day I will invest in a piece like this!

Monday, 2 January 2012

Leopard Nails!

Tried something a bit different with my nails - I used Models Own Nail Polish in Purple Poppy & Top Turquoise, and Models Own Nail Art Pen in Black. It's a bit different to my normal polka dots but I love that it's still colourful!

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Waxing Poetic

Happy New Year everyone! I had an amazing New Years with friends although I'm definitely not feeling my best today! I have gone for a standard resolution of go to the gym more/diet and can't see it lasting! I also really want to give blood this year, I'm already going to donate all my organs but I'd love to get over my needle phobia and donate blood.
As I'd mentioned in my last post with the Wish Tonic Bottle Charm I'm a massive fan of Waxing Poetic Jewellery. It's an american company who do vintage inspired brass and silver pieces. I particularly love the charms they do, their initial pieces and animal themed pieces. We stock some of their pieces at my work and I'm constantly admiring them! Here are a selection of my favourite pieces.

Voyage Insignia Bracelet

Swallow Silhouette Portait Charm

Fox Fable Charm

Twisted Link Chain

Pearl Brass Chain

Large Brass Ball Bracelet

Fox Stack Ring

Dove Stack Ring

Dove Camp Bracelet
As you've probably noticed I'm a bit obsessed with animals, in particular foxes, birds and rabbits. Each piece feels like it has a story behind it and it looks so good layered up. I'm really considering ordering the fox ring as it's so sweet!

Friday, 30 December 2011

Friday Favourites

Here is a selection of my favourite things this week!

Talking Moustache Keyring
All I can say is that this is hilarious! We got these in the shop the other day so I bought a couple only to find some in my stocking! My mum knows me too well haha!

Lego Storage Head
We have a couple of these in my house and they are amazing! They look great on their own and we store all my little sisters lego in it! I want one to keep my make up in!

Marmite Egg Cup Set
These are just too cute! I love marmite so much and the design of these egg cups is so sweet :)

Friends Box set
Up until last month I'd never watched Friends. I know you must be thinking how is that possible but I always thought that as I'd not seen the beginning of it I wouldn't be able to get into it. I found the box set in the HMV sale for £50 and my step dad really kindly agreed to go halves with me as he loves Friends too. I've been hooked since! I just can't stop laughing when I watch it and don't know how I went so long in life without it! My favourite bit so far has to be seeing them watch the video of Rachel and Monica's prom - Ross and the moustache!!!!

Waxing Poetic Wish Tonic Bottle Charm
I'm looking into investing in this charm it's just so adorable! I have become a bit obsessed with Waxing Poetic recently and would love to get one of their antique style chains and this charm. Their jewellery is really distinctive, I have a waxed cord bracelet by them with a brass and silver bird charm on it and I never take it off!

I hope everyone has a good New Year!