Thursday, 6 October 2011

An Introduction

Hello everyone! My name is Victoria, or Dickie as my friends call me. The nickname is entirely innocent - my little sister could never pronounce my name when she was young and called me Dicktoria, and during a night of Facebook rape my name on it was changed to Dickie and the name was born! Since then everyone started calling me Dickie with variations including Dickface, Dickiedodo etc. I'm 21 (although I look about 12!) and have just moved back home to Bath after finishing my degree in Forensic Science. I am a complete geek when it comes to Maths and Science! At the moment I'm working in a lovely shop to keep me going whilst I decide what to do in life and I'm really enjoying not having to worry about revision or assignments!
I'm going to use this blog to post my outfits and show clothes that I customise. I really hope you enjoy it!
With the ever-changing weather I wore this today :)
Excuse the greasy hair I'd been at work all day running up and down stairs!

Grinning like a loon on the trampoline!

My beautiful Nikes!

Denim shirt - Renewal @ Urban Outfitters
Green jumper - Ebay
Camel shorts - Topshop
Lace trim socks - ASOS
Nike blazers - Office
Owl double pendant necklace - Vintage

I love my wolf jumper so much! It was one of those items that as soon as you see on ebay you know you have to have it! On ebay it was modelled with a shirt underneath so I used this idea to jazz it up. As you will soon notice I am a massive fan of trainers with my favourites being Nike blazers and Vans authentics. I used to work in Office where I took full advantage of the discount and now have a huge collection! My favourite trainers are my Liberty of London Nikes, they've done some stunning collaborations.
At the moment I am being conned by my 10 year old sister into paying her £3.50 a week to take my photos, so hopefully the quality of them will improve as she gets better with my camera! She insisted on taking pictures of me jumping on the trampoline which proved to be incredibly unflattering!
I hope you enjoyed the post!

Dickie x

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