Sunday, 9 October 2011

Chilly Days

Quilted jacket - Vintage
Faux fur collar - ASOS
T-shirt dress - Lazy Oaf
Head scarf - Vintage
Chain necklace - Topshop
Trainers - Vans

As you can see in the last photo I have a very old worn out pair of tights on! The joys of having a floordrobe you can never find the new tights you've just bought!
I know it can be very boring to talk about the weather but I am so happy it's finally starting to cool down! I really don't like hot weather, I love it when it's cold and you can wear chunky cardigans, hoodies and a big warm coat. Winter is by far my favourite season because most important Christmas(!) and how cold it gets. I love it when it shows, when you can see your own breath, when you've walked home in the freezing temperatures and come into a warm house, then have a nice warm bath! I am already getting stupidly excited over Christmas, planning my Christmas outfits and looking out for more Christmas jumpers and cardigans! I still can't decide when is an acceptable date to start wearing my novelty Christmas items!
The jacket I'm wearing is a vintage one I found on ebay and love! It has a subtle leopard print trim and goes so well with the faux fur collar I've pinned on. I love customising my clothes and adding little extras to them! I've also added black lace laces to my Vans instant of having the standard plain black ones. My Lazy Oaf t-shirt dress is one of my favourite items, the print on it is amazing and it's easy to dress it up and down.
I hope everyone is enjoying the cool weather as much as me! 
Dickie x


  1. omg your makeup is divine! Are you a MUA? Love the retroness..can never perfect that cateye ughhh

  2. Aww thank you! I find using normal liquid eyeliner so difficult to do a cat eye so I use MAC paint pots and a little brush it makes it so much easier and quicker! Once you use it you won't be able to go back to standard liquid eyeliner :)